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October 20, 2021

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Whether you’re proposing in NYC or considering an adventurous upstate New York proposal, this list of proposal photo locations all over our beautiful New York State will spark great ideas and options.

I’m a New York and NYC proposal photographer + wedding photographer, and I’ve captured amazing moments all over this state!

In this article, I’ve listed out over 40 locations below based on geography, plus 20+ New York proposal ideas:

– Famous NYC proposal locations
– Less-crowded proposal locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Jersey City, & more
– Beautiful proposal spots in the Hudson Valley and Westchester
– Places to propose in Upstate New York

Plus, I’ve listed proposal ideas based on activities and areas within NYC and New York State

Scroll down further, and you’ll find ideas for how to propose, as well as factors to consider when proposing

Grand Central proposal

If you’re thinking of popping the question to your gal or guy (I’m an LGBTQ+ wedding photographer, so I photograph all couples!), then you’re probably wondering where to propose in New York! Whether you’re proposing in NYC or thinking of heading up to the Hudson Valley or the Finger Lakes, here are ideas and beautiful proposal spots in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and upstate New York.

As a New York proposal, engagement, and wedding photographer, I’ll be the first to tell you that proposals never get old when I’m behind the camera. At the last one I photographed (mid-October 2021, a few days ago), I actually teared up behind the camera.

Without further ado:

First up: Famous places to propose in New York City:

Central Park

Bow Bridge

Bethesda Fountain / Bethesda Terrace

New York Botanical Gardens

Empire State Building

Brooklyn Bridge

Rockefeller Center ice rink / Rockefeller Christmas tree

DUMBO water street

Coney Island

While row boating near the Loeb Boathouse

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

High Line

Times Square

Grand Central

NYC skyline nighttime
Kathryn Cooper Wedding proposal photographer NYC

Less famous / less crowded / still cool places to propose in NYC:


Graffiti on LES

Roosevelt Island / views of Manhattan

Staten Island’s park

Wave Hill

Queens Park

Little Island

While biking around Governor’s Island, with skyline views

Building rooftop

Jersey City – amazing view of the NYC skyline

Where to propose in the beautiful Hudson Valley:

Westchester – helicopter over the city

Minnewaska State Park

Mohonk Preserve

Fahnstock State Park

Botanical Garden – Innisfree Gardens, Untermyer, Stonecrop

Waterfalls in the Catskills

Hiking to a fire tower

Bear Mountain Inn, Lookout, or Merry-Go-Round

Sunset proposal NY

Beautiful places to propose in Upstate New York:

Adirondack Mountains

Finger Lakes – Watkins Glen, Buttermilk Falls, Treman Falls

Niagara Falls

On a lake while boating around

On a bridge/Walkway Over the Hudson

At the state fair

At a waterfall in the Catskills

Letchworth State Park

On the Appalachian Trail


Types of places and ideas for proposing
in New York:

At a waterfall

In an orchard

At one of the many beautiful overlooks, such as the New Paltz vista

At the bar where you met

On a sailboat

JFK airport, when your significant other lands from a flight

At a local park

In a pumpkin patch

While rock climbing the Shawagunks

Where you had your first date in the city

On a pier overlooking the Hudson River

While at an arcade

Over a bridge such as Walkway Over the Hudson

During a hike

On a river cruise or ride to the Statue of Liberty

During a fireworks show

While on an island, such as kayaking to Bannerman’s Island, Little Island in NYC, or Governor’s Island

During the Dutchess County Hot Air Balloon Festival

At a state fair while on a ferris wheel

While watching a sunset

As a New York proposal photographer, one of my favorite things is hearing from the person who is proposing (about 90% of the time, a guy, but women proposing to men is 100% awesome and encouraged!) about the story he’s concocted, how they met, and how excited he is to propose (so if you’re on the receiving end and just thought he was nervous, know that MONTHS of planning and secret-keeping went into it!).

If you’re proposing in New York or anywhere else, before you propose, think about:

  •  Would you prefer a lot of people or very few people?
  • Do you want family members around, strangers nearby, or absolutely no one in sight?
  • If you’re hiring a photographer to capture the moment, will she/he be able to hide somewhere or have a good excuse for being there?
  • If photography is a must, you may want to call the venue ahead of time to make sure the person can get in/you’ve paid for their ticket/photos are allowed
  • Will your partner mind what she/he is wearing (e.g. if you hike, will the person be okay in workout clothes and sweaty versus a dress or nice shirt/pants?
  • Does your partner want to be completely surprised?
  • Do you and your partner want to have your proposal in private, or would you like a photographer there? Book early, because most photographers are booked every Saturday with weddings.
  • Will your partner want to be the only person who knows, or be thrilled to be surprised with an afterparty with friends and family? This is a big one. Many would hate if any other soul knew, some want traditional approval from the parents, and some want the whole world to know at once. Make sure you have some type of idea of what the person wants! Heck, you’re living with them for the rest of your lives, so make sure you don’t get this assumption wrong 😉

There are many facets of proposing to think about, such as weather, time of day, time of the year, code words…I’ve done some fun ones. Your photographer will be able to help you out with planning all this out if you’re just not sure, so don’t be overwhelmed!

NYC surprise proposal

Now back to the where! Where else can you propose in New York?

If you two don’t have a specific place in mind that’s is special to you in New York, try thinking about the type of place that would be special for both of you.

Think about activities or occasions you both love.

Are you big fans of Halloween? Propose in a pumpkin patch or while doing a corn maze

Do you love ice skating or snowshoeing? Have a moment to yourselves and pop the question on the trail.

If you’re into watersports and love sailing or kayaking, it’s hard to get more romantic than that. Just make sure the ring is secure!

Do you geek out over certain hobbies or collectables, like comic books, cosplay, steampunk, James Bond, or something similar? Propose at a museum or convention!

Man proposes on Washington Street DUMBO Brooklyn near Brooklyn Bridge. Surprise proposal Brooklyn photographer

How to propose?

This one’s easy: Where to propose and how to propose? Well start with this: What do you like about your partner? And what do you love about her/him/they? You don’t need to read a whole book out, but a sentence or two that means something is perfect. Do you have a pet name? Do you have a place you want to live or go? You can mention how you felt when you first met, or how you’ve felt since dating them, or what you want in your future. No more than 30 seconds, and a, “Will you marry me?” will be all you need, in a place that means something to both of you.

I love photographing proposals so you can live and re-live that moment your partner feels that shock, amazement, and joy. Capturing a proposal requires a lot of planning, but it’s an adrenaline rush for everyone involved.

In the end, your partner is sure to love whatever you do. If in doubt, ask your photographer, your friend, or your partner’s friend to get the low-down. Being nervous is a-okay and to be expected, but play it cool, try to enjoy the moment yourself, and whatever happens…you’re sure to have a story you’ll be telling for the rest of your lives together!

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