Wedding Dogs

Ideas for having your dog at your wedding (or your cat, or your armadillo…)

Dogs are becoming more and more popular at elopements and full-on weddings, meaning that flower girls are having to play second fiddle. Oh, I kid, but fur babies, as they’re so affectionately called, are ever popular as an adventure buddy. If wedding dogs, having a dog of honor or dog ring bearer, or dressing your dog in a tuxedo is up your alley, read on.

Dogs dressed in wedding clothes - what to dress my dog in for my wedding dog

Couples are having dogs at their weddings more often than not these days. In fact, it’s not just dogs, but cats, birds, chickens, and horses.

Still, dogs are the most popular. Whether an adventure session, engagement session, elopement, or wedding, here are some of my favorite examples of dogs at weddings that I’ve photographed over the years, from New Zealand to New York.

Dogs at Weddings: Tips and Tricks

If you’re having a wedding with dogs, make sure they’re NOT:

a.) the type that yip 24/7 (‘cause ain’t nobody got time for dat)

b.) no one is allergic

c.) they won’t consume anything they’re not supposed to. Like cake. It’s happened before!

Another tip if you’re having your dog at your wedding (or any pet): Bring a few small treats, and a toy, so you can get your pet’s attention and reward them during and after photos!

Make sure you have your dog there for only part of the time, because the guests, different foods they’ll likely sample, and interactions will likely get your dog out of sorts. A dog sitter or home to put your dog back in following photos is a good idea. Do NOT have your dog running loose and getting mud on your guests because it’s excited to be around activity.

In recent years, wedding animals have become quite popular—but we’re not just talking wedding dogs or wedding cats. Think llamas, alpacas, bunnies, ponies…the list goes on. Weddings with animals can be quite the hit, but think twice about bringing a baby crocodile. I’ve heard they’re not as popular.

…but you know what IS popular? Taking your dog with you on normal activities! If you go stand up paddleboarding, then you pet must go too, right? (And no, neither one fell in nor got wet!)

SUP with dog - paddleboarding wedding with dog on surfboard - Kathryn Cooper

Looking for wedding accessories for dogs at your own wedding? Try searching for wedding dog cufflinks, a wedding dog bowtie, a flower wreath for your dog, and more. Wedding dogs are photogenic enough with nothing on, but should you want to purchase wedding dog attire, I’ve listed more examples below.

A dress/tux? If you must, but really…then you can’t make fun of cat ladies.

Dressing dogs at weddings in dog wedding outfits - dresses for dogs at a wedding in Maine Acadia NP
Wedding dog outfits - dogs in wedding tuxes at LGBT Maine wedding in Bar Harbor
wedding dogs with dog wreath dog flower crown and couple portrait Pennsylvania

Hey, I never thought I’d be writing a post about pets at weddings, but…#quarantine. Besides, if it brings people happiness, why not? Head on over to your local pet store for bow ties, ask a local florist to make you a flower crown, and knock yourself out!

Pet images to share? Want to bring your dog on your engagement photo session? Contact me here, or email me directly at

Bowties: Amazon

Dogs: SPCA + Humane Society

Flower wreaths for dogs: Kathryn Cooper Weddings


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