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December 18, 2023
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Not all engagement photos need be simple, romantic, and typical. Here are examples of unique engagement pictures around the USA and world, with fun engagement ideas to boot!

by destination wedding photographer Kathryn Cooper Weddings

Unique engagement photos in museum NYC - Instagram.com/KathrynCooperWeddings

Most Engagement Photos are the Same. Yours Don’t Have to Be.

If you’ve reached this page, it’s probably because you’re searching for ways to get unique, fun, and non-boring engagement photos!

Let’s face it: Most engagement photos are not all that interesting–and they certainly don’t make you want to look twice. But as a destination wedding photographer and unique engagement photographer at Kathryn Cooper Weddings, I go out of my way to take shots that will delight, awe, and fascinate. My photos aren’t average, and your photos shouldn’t be, either!

creative spinning technique engagement photos of Indian couple California

Examples of Unique Engagement Photos

Near the bottom of this post, I’ve listed a table with ideas for creative photos.

And right below this section, I’ve posted a bunch of creative engagement photos to get your imagination going.

Most of my clients are in the Northeast U.S. (New York) and California–but I’ve taken engagement photos everywhere from Hawaii to Indonesia, and many places in between. If you have the right ideas and inspiration, you can get amazing photos nearly anywhere!


Thrifted vintage wedding wear and photos at the freak show
Pizza in a favorite Brooklyn haunt
Drinks at a favorite bar in Oakland, California
Kissing under a famous Banyan tree in Hawaii
Nuzzling in yellow using a creative technique of mine in Los Angeles
Upside-down at an illusions museum in NYC
Kissing in a double exposure
Posing in a junk yard-turned-arts exhibit in Inland Empire, CA
Kayaking during a magnificent sunset in Westchester, NY
Another creative “ring of fire” photo technique in San Francisco
Posing over sea green waters in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Picking out candy in the LES, Manhattan
Hiking along an amazing waterfront trail, Mammoth, CA
Swinging on a giant swing, East Bay, California

At the Spyscape Museum, NYC
Looking up at the Redwoods, Redwoods State Park, California
Colorful shots using the beautiful street art in Mexico
Fire lantern festival in Pennsylvania

Fire lanterns in Pennsylvania

The Possibilities are Endless

Not one to feel comfortable in front of a camera? Looking for ideas for photos for awkward couples? Having actual activities to do during your photoshoot is so much better than just trying to feel comfortable in front of the lenses.

I always do 2-hour engagement photos at minimum, and up to 4-6 hours for couples who want to have an adventure (waterfalls, hiking, viewpoints, museums, etc.).

Why? Because rushing through the first time meeting with your wedding photographer isn’t cool, and you can also do so many fun activities with a little bit of time.

Ideas for Cool Engagement Photos

If the goal is to do something unique, fun, or delightfully different for your engagement photos, then this list should help you plan:

Unique Engagement Photo Ideas
Check out a cool museum
Bring your cat or dog
Head to an amazing waterfall
Hike to your favorite spot for sunset
Get vacation engagement photos while in a beautiful location
Jump in the water!
Enjoy a playground or carnival
Have a fight with colored powder
Enjoy something seasonal, such as sledding or spring blossoms
Have an in-home engagement session with a pillow fight
Enjoy your favorite activity together, such as painting, playing with your pet, or baking
Go to an apple orchard
Head to an ice hotel or special AirBnB
Rent a treehouse for the day!
Set up your own disco ball and lighting kit, and dance away

Tips for Taking the Best Engagement Photos

  • Before looking at ideas online, think about what YOU love (and love to do)
  • Hire an amazing photographer who can bring your ideas to life–and even help you come up with ones
  • Bring things that matter to you, whether that’s a pet or a memento from your proposal
  • Have fun taking your photos–it’s not do or die!
  • Bring options for what to wear. You could get dirty, wet, deal with wind, pet fur, etc.
  • Check out special events in your area…a carnival, light display, or special event
  • Have options in mind in case of rain, snow, closures, etc.
  • Have a secret signal with your partner to keep you both calm and having fun. It could be a hand squeeze, a secret word, or an inside joke

If You’re Having Fun, Your Photos Will Be Fun!

Make sure you enjoy yourselves, and splurge on a photographer who can get the creative engagement pictures you really want.

Your photographer should have lighting, experience, insurance, and some simple tools that will help make your photos stand out. The more ideas, the better you can plan.

Now go be creative, and ENJOY~

Lake Minnewaska State Park engagement photos

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All of these engagement photos are so incredible! I love the idea of doing something extra fun like kayaking or eating pizza together for engagement photos! Beautiful work!

These are all just so cool! Such unique and fun ideas. I love the shot of the couple shopping for candy.

What a fun set of unique engagement photos! I love your use of creativity. So awesome !


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