A Treman Center Wedding in Ithaca, NY-Meaghan & Gaelin

April 14, 2021

Ithaca, NY is home of waterfalls, gorges, several universities, amazing food, and more. Getting married here? A Treman Center wedding is a lovely, rustic choice for this beautiful region

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Woods at Robert Treman State Park wedding

I fell in love with Ithaca, NY within a month of moving there for college. I had always been an outdoorsy girl, but it wasn’t until Ithaca that I knew I NEEDED the outdoors. Fast forward to my first-ever wedding in Ithaca, New York, held at the beautiful Treman Center. The fact that my couple, Meaghan & Gaelin, wanted photos at one of the nearby waterfalls, made me immediately say yes.

A Treman Center Wedding

Both landscapers, Meaghan and Gaelin really wanted a different type of rustic space, and found that in The Treman Center. Technically in Newfield and not Ithaca, The Treman Center is a 3-story barn with a pool, tent, courtyard, and fields, and it’s perfect for a more DIY couple. You can put in chairs, arches, dessert buffets, bring in decorations…really almost anything (as long as the owner gives you the OK, of course!). But it doesn’t need much, as it’s a lovely venue for celebrations small and large. You can even do a bonfire out back at night!

Plus, it’s Ithaca. Being an Ithaca wedding photographer in nicer weather months (I don’t miss the winters in Ithaca) is amazing, as it is LITERALLY one of my favorite places in the world. Amazingly diverse food, endless hikes and waterfalls, swimming holes, cliff jumping…what more could an outdoors lover want?

For Meaghan & Gaelin’s Ithaca wedding, they decided on simple lavender bouquets, an outdoor ceremony, a 2-piece wedding dress (on Meaghan, not Gaelin), food trucks for dinner under The Treman Center’s tent, and catered Purity Ice Cream for dessert (the inventor of the ice cream sundae!). Plus, the groom and both fathers teared up during the ceremony (yeah, I’m a sucker for such candids).

Why Hire an Ithaca Wedding Photographer?

Being an Ithaca wedding photographer for adventurous couples means more chances for awesome photos in waterfalls and gorges, the greenery surrounding us. There are so many hidden places in Ithaca, it takes years of living in the area to understand all the secret spots with waterfalls, hikes, vine swings, cliff jumping, waterfall slides, wildflowers, gorgeous brooks, and more. Hidden nature nooks and crannies are Ithaca’s thing, and there’s no wonder people move there and can’t move away.

Ithaca Treman falls wedding photoshoot

Ithaca Wedding Venues

There are quite a few Ithaca wedding venues, but The Treman Center is an affordable, wonderful way to go while being able to work directly with the owners. I love many landscapes, but green canopies, streams and waterfalls, and stone bridges…it doesn’t get much better. The Treman Center, true to its name, is located literally under 5 minutes from the Robert Treman State Park’s north entrance. A short walk from the parking lot and you’re at the top of one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Ithaca.

Meanwhile, owners Leslie Carrère and Kevin Reilly will be on hand to help the day go smoothly, and have furnished the 3-story custom barn with quirky antique touches. The top floor, in fact, is a massive private floor that the couple can stay in the weekend of the wedding. In fact, The Treman Center only hosts one wedding a weekend, which means you can have the entire venue from Friday until Sunday afternoon. No rushing in and out of the space, no time constraints, and no need to rent an extra property or restaurant for your welcome drinks, rehearsal dinner, or brunch—it’s all here!

What to Expect at a Treman Center Wedding

In fall, Ithaca wedding venues are perhaps at their most beautiful. Your Treman Center wedding will be especially beautiful, with market lighting on lovely autumn nights, fall colors, and apples blooming right on the property. I placed Maegan and Gaelin’s rings on some of the local apples for photos in the courtyard—the place they ended up having their first dance. Then it was dessert time, with several flavors of ice cream from the best place ever—Purity. Dancing can be indoors or out, the eating tent is included in your rental, and with just a 10-minute commute to downtown Ithaca, you’re in the quiet countryside but so near everything Ithaca.

Food trucks have gained popularity in recent years, but Gaelin and Meaghan actually had them there before the trend! I always love being able to order whatever I want and go through the fun menus—not a formal sit-down meal with asparagus and potatoes. Food truck weddings are the best, and for your Treman Center wedding, they can drive right up to the courtyard! This one was catered by The Good Truck (Ithaca-Mex food), and also had catered appetizers, bags of popcorn for guests to make up, and of course Purity ice cream.

You Can’t Go Wrong Getting Married in Ithaca!

The Treman Center is a lovely place to host a wedding small or large, and to celebrate with friends all weekend. You’re minutes from Treman State Park, just a few minutes from a number of waterfalls, just a few more minutes to downtown concerts and ice cream, and right at a place that is a perfect blank slate for your Ithaca wedding. With pink flower vines, the looking pool for cooling off, and seemingly endless space, your Treman Center wedding is sure to be superb.

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