The Best Places to Elope in the USA in 2020

July 15, 2020

Whether you’ve been planning on eloping or had your 2020/2021 wedding postponed and are eloping instead, here are the best places to elope in the U.S. and have a beautiful adventure wedding—no passport required

Where are the best places to elope to in 2021-2022? I’ve spent years making up a great list (and can’t wait to hear your favorites, too)!

Look, 2020 was the year of craziness, and almost every elopement and wedding was been postponed, modified, canceled, or something-ed. If you still want to get married and are looking for incredible places to have your elopement, here’s my top 13 (plus a few bonus ideas) best places to elope in the U.S. Remember: Eloping is the first choice for many couples, and not a consolation prize. There’s far less pressure, there’s more flexibility, you can hike in to a gorgeous and secluded spot, and you can do something utterly unique.

Every year at Kathryn Cooper Weddings, I photograph elopements around the USA and world, and you can bet that whenever I get married, I’ll certainly be eloping. It won’t be easy to pick a spot, but as an outdoorsy fanatic, I think it’s so much more exciting to celebrate in a gorgeous location than at a stuffy mini-mansion on a busy street corner on Long Island. Sorry, traffic-laden Long Island.

Where to elope in the USA - u.s. virgin islands

Just a note: These are more well-known, somewhat popular spots to elope in the USA. I love the beautiful outdoors, quirky places (that’s for another blog post!), and uniquely wild areas of the USA. But in the times of Corona, it sometimes makes sense to plan on eloping in a location that’s more well known so that everyone can arrive easily/safely (and you don’t have to research for months and months). In normal times, I would be far more inclined to pick a remote, no-one-else-knows-where-this-is spot…but now may not be the time. This may be a moment to pick a lovely spot and leave the rest up to your planner and photographer! Plus, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your wedding photos. So in no particular order, these are my favorite no-passport-required, best places to elope in the USA:


St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands – I’m uber-familiar with the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) since I lived here! In fact, it’s where I started my elopement wedding photography career. I’ve photographed dozens of elopements, family sessions, maternity sessions, and full-on destination weddings here so I know the ins and outs of the islands. Plus, they’re open for tourism now! Whether you want to helicopter it, boat it, or drive it to one of the most beautiful (and warm) beaches in the USA, eloping in the USVI is an awesome choice. I’m happy to connect you with local wedding vendors since these beaches, villas, and mountains are beautiful for 2 people or 200. Magen’s Bay may be the most famous, but Sam’s Beach is my favorite. Plus, it’s just a 3.5-hour direct flight from NYC. Crazy!

Hudson Valley, NY – Often overlooked but becoming more and more popular as an elopement destination, the Hudson Valley is where I have spent over 25 years of my life. Don’t know where to elope in New York? The Hudson Valley or the Finger Lakes Region (such as Ithaca, NY, listed below) is one of my favorite choices. Whether you’re looking to do an elopement while rock climbing in New Paltz, a winery wedding on the Hudson, sneak away to a bed and breakfast, or get epic shots in the Catskills, the Hudson Valley really has it all. Waterfalls, ruins, mountains, and views are all here—just 1-2 hours from NYC. Yep, you can drive from Times Square and be out among deer, bears, and hiking trail in 90 minutes easy. I love photographing here, and recommend it all the time for those eloping from New York City and beyond. I mean, look at this place!

Where to elope in New York Hudson Valley elopement photographer Kathryn Cooper

Eastern Idaho – Idaho is one of the best-kept secrets in the USA, and the locals like it that way. Not all of the state is hospitable, but boy are there incredible places and people! I’ve only seen a bit of the state, but the mountains of the East are incredible. And there’s waterfall kayaking right in Boise! Crazy, right? Hint: Ski resorts make for awesome mountain photos in summer.

Hiking elopement photography Idaho kathryn cooper

The Redwoods, CA – People think that the only redwoods in California are on Route 1 in the northern part of California, but these magnificent trees actually exist in quite a few places around northern and central California. If you’re interested in eloping in California, check out any of the regions from Monterey and up. From Santa Cruz to Oakland (Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park) up to John Muir Woods and north to Mendocino and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, there are a heck of a lot of awesome locations with these giants. What beautiful surroundings for an elopement!

Redwoods elopement - Kathryn Cooper Weddings San Francisco California photography

Ithaca, NY – I spent years living in Ithaca, and it’s where I fell in love with the outdoors as an adult. Waterfalls galore, state parks, preserves, hidden hiking trails, cliff jumping, boating…it’s all here, along with fresh, local, outstanding food. But this isn’t a real estate pitch. If you love waterfalls and the outdoors, it’s an amazing place to hike and get photos in some spectacular areas. This is one of my favorite places, if not my #1 favorite, place to elope in New York! The best ones are only known to a few, but Buttermilk Falls, Cayuga Lake, and Ithaca Falls are all right in town and are lovely. Drive 20-30 minutes outside of town for the best ones.

Ithaca waterfall weddings - elope in new york Treman State Park

San Francisco, California – For those looking to elope in California, San Francisco is an obvious choice. Iconic city views, a great city hall, and nature surrounding it…it’s no wonder people from all over the country come to elope here. Plus, eloping at San Francisco City Hall means being part of a fraught history for LGBTQ rights involving Harvey Milk, same-sex marriage, riots, earthquakes, the Supreme Court, and so much more.

Colorado Springs, Colorado – All of Colorado is prime adventure elopement material, really. But this place—which contains Pike’s Peak, the cutest main street, and the amazing park Garden of the Gods—is hard to pass up. Basically anywhere you go on a drive in this state will have elopement-worthy spots to say your vows and take photos.

New York, New York – NYC is my home base, so how could I not mention it? It’s hard to beat the iconic buildings, the graffiti, the pizzazz, the sunsets, the bridges, and the history. Whether you’re eloping on a rooftop, saying your vows with an incredible skyline view in New Jersey or Brooklyn, or tying the knot at City Hall, reserve several hours for photos in Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, or at some of NYC’s hundreds of landmark locations. If you’re eloping in New York City and want to get the best views of the skyline, here’s a hint: they’re not in Manhattan.

Joshua Tree, California – It’s one of the top places in the country to elope for its crazy cactus-type-tree scenery and boulder-ridden dessert landscape. Along with Yosemite, it’s one of the most popular spots to photograph in 2019. While summertime is dreadful (I once got hiking sunburns through my Keens that lasted for 6 months…in April), fall and winter are quite lovely, and sometimes even cold. Joshua Tree is uber-popular for eloping in California, and with good reason. There’s a certain magic about Joshua Tree, and while many wedding photographers like to use trendy filters on this place, I think its vibrant, unique colors and lovely sunsets need no filter. But come nighttime…you WILL want to stay up during these times. Plus, you could get a Neowise Joshua Tree shot! How epic would a comet be in this landscape?!

Joshua Tree elopement photographer

Hawaii – I used to live here, and photograph weddings and elopements here still. Big Island and Kauai are my favorites for epic elopements. (P.S. It’s not a bad place to propose, either.) I know the islands pretty well–especially Big Island, which has the most variety, from snow to desert to rainforest to beach. So many people go to Oahu, but the real Hawaii is still on Big Island.

Secret elopement locations Hawaii USA

Yosemite, California – THE most popular elopement spot in the country, methinks. Right now, it’s hard to get permits due to COVID. In 2022, the road to many of the best photo spots will be undergoing roadwork, meaning it will be very hard to get there unless you fancy a 20-mile round-trip hike to the top. But either way, there are tons of beautiful spots in the park, and no need to take the same ol’ photos (even though it is indeed epic).

Yosemite wedding photographer secret location

St. John, United States Virgin Islands – Most of the island is actually a national park, but it’s not complicated. In fact, you can elope in the USVI in the late afternoon on world-class beaches for a very small fee (and you can go to a lot of places for $0.) It’s not one of those $20 entrance fee national parks. If you want to elope in the Virgin Islands, you can do so on St. Thomas, St. John, Water Island, St. Croix, or many other small islands. Here’s a couple who said their vows on a deserted beach in St. John! Wherever you go, wake up early since it’s easy to swim with turtles and manta rays here. And against the Bahamas and Hawaii, the water in the Caribbean is the BEST. Who said underwater elopement?

Trunk Bay best places to elope ua
best places to elope wedding in st. john Island Bliss Weddings

Acadia National Park, Maine– If rocky, wild, and mountainous with ocean views are your vibe, then an Acadia National Park elopement may be just your thing. The place goes by many names, depending on your exact location—Acadia, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Cadillac Mountain—but they’re all within a [relatively] small area in a tiny bit of the Maine coast. Fall is my favorite time there, because the colors of the trees are outstanding. There are roads meandering in and out of the park (and in and out of private property), so make sure you research hiking trails or get a good map. Either way, photos here are EPIC…as long as you’re not afraid of heights.

LGBT adventure wedding Maine Acadia NP
Hiking trails Acadia national park maine wedding eloped

More best places to elope in the U.S. (Because I can’t fit all the other amazing elopement locations/dream elopement photography areas into one list):

Moab, Utah: It’s an amazing destination with incredible national AND state parks. So many arches, so little time. Even the highways are full of incredible places to elope! I never get enough time here.

Canyonlands elopement - where to elope in Moab Utah photographer

Glacier National Park, Montana: This park is often closed due to snow, safety, or animals, and the glaciers are all but gone. 2020 is a wash due to COVID. That makes the majestic nature of this park beckon even more, with wildlife, mountains for days, and unique views. The glacial lakes are the stuff dreams are made of (and as close to Banff’s Lake Louise as it gets).

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska: You always remember seeing your first glacier, and I’m lucky to have seen a bunch. But to photograph a couple on one in Iceland or here? That would be pretty epic.

Ozarks, Arkansas: I’m a sucker for beautiful mountains in fall and waterfalls.

Sedona, Arizona – I mean, duh. This place has always been cool, but with adventure elopements gaining in popularity, it seems everyone wants to go to Sedona! Unfortunately, rates for COVID in Arizona are crazy high—so I just can’t put it on my main list until it’s safe again.

Eloping in Sedona Arizona best spots to get married hiking

The Wave, Arizona: Getting a permit to go here means having multiple days and a lot of luck. It’s done via a lottery system. I’ve never won. But boy, would it be epic!

Painted Rocks, Michigan: I think the photos speak for themselves. I have never been to this spot, but can’t think of a cooler place to do a kayak elopement and photos with no crowds.

Olympic National Park, Washington: I’m obsessed with rainforesty spots, so taking elopement photos in this temperate rainforest has been high up on my to-do list for a long time. I was supposed to visit my brothers there this spring, but…’Rona.

Maroon Bells, Colorado: Colorado has so many gorgeous spots, but the Maroon Bells has such a plethora of hiking trails with amazing views. They’re all perfect for an elopement!

White Sands, New Mexico: I’ve photographed in a bunch of beautiful dunes in India, Utah, and Namibia, but something about these white sand dunes have me itching to do an adventure session here!

Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana: Try saying this one three times fast! But seriously, these moss-on-trees mangroves are the stuff romantic movies are made of.

Remember that there are hundreds of amazing elopement wedding destinations that are famous, but thousands more  that don’t have a name, or are located in state parks, county parks, or just random areas. That’s all for another blog post, another time. This list of the best places to elope doesn’t cover everywhere! It’s my favorites. Gatlinburg, Ashevilla, the Smokies, and the Florida Keys are all great elopement locations, but I couldn’t put everything in my top list.

If your wedding plans were messed up due to COVID-19, I hope you can take this time to do what’s most important—get married to your favorite person—and spend your time with the people you care about most. Plus, you can do an adventure session now and get amazing photos, and still celebrate next year by throwing a fun, relaxed party!

Eloping in San Francisco redwoods park oakland tilden

So, how to elope in the US? As a couple, I’d start by figuring out where, or figuring out your elopement photographer. Facebook groups, blog posts like this, and Google images are great places to start. Photographers know lots of secret locations that aren’t all over Instagram, while planners are usually more familiar with specific vendors and spots. So if you’re trying to figure out where in the USA to elope to and just can’t pick a spot, ask a photographer to help you narrow it down. You can also Google phrases such as “Where to elope near me,” or “elopement photographer ___ national park,” depending on where you are. Once you have a state or an area, you can narrow it down with the help of bride/groom sites or photographers. Most people are more than happy to give advice!

I’d love to hear about your dream elopement location, or where you’d like me to photograph yours (hint, hint). I haven’t figured out my dream elopement spot, but you better believe I’m going to elope when I do. Until next time, I’ll be dreaming of the next awesome location.

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