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June 10, 2022
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Brittany & Giovanni’s California Salvation Mountain photos were weird, wonderful, and quirky

If you find yourself driving around in the California desert and happen upon a multi-colored mountain with bizarre features, you’ve just found Salvation Mountain. It’s a weird, wonderful mix of color, recycled trash, bizarre structures, Bibles, fake birds, old dolls, oil drums, old paint cans…you get the picture.

And if you’re like Brittany and Giovanni–the type of couple who wants less traditional engagement photos and more quirky/wonky/fun engagement photos, then these Salvation Mountain photos will have you fascinated. A stop over at East Jesus–another old trash-to-art location–was the spot for California engagement photos part 2.

Salvation Mountain & Leonard Knight

Salvation Mountain was built entirely by Leonard Knight, a religious man who wanted to spread the word of the Lord. It was his passion project, and took him a whopping 28 years to build. In fact, it was never finished, and he passed in 2014. What remains is the unmistakable quirkiness of this salvation monument–a site indeed for those roaming around the colorless Indio-Brawley-Salton desert.

Thousands of gallons of paint, clay bricks, and recycled trash was used. Tickets are 100% free (donations accepted at a box up front); Salvation Mountain is open sunrise to sunset.

As a frequent Los Angeles wedding photographer, I love scouting out these quirky locations all around California. Boy, are there many of them! Brittany, who commented that she and Giovanni are quirky, thought Salvation Mountain photos would perfectly represent their “weird” love and personalities. These two are the cutest, and the bursts of color were my dream come true.

Slab City & Salvation Mountain Engagement Photos

After we walked all around Salvation Mountain, we headed over to a nearby sculpture park. Following their outfit change, we continued their California engagement photos. There were random artists and squatters who would come out to speak with us, and many random areas with broken mirrors, old parts of airplanes, empty cars, thousands of old bottles, and more. It’s truly a crazy but magical place for an offbeat, creative wedding photographer like me!

Brittany and Giovanni were super flexible, and let me pick pretty much anywhere to photograph. It was truly a delight, and kind of like a photographer’s playground for me.

Plus, Brittany has never modeled before, but based on these photos…I’m pretty sure you’ll agree she’s a natural. She started out in this cute polka-dotted yellow dress, but as soon as she felt comfortable in front of the lens and switched to her rose-colored velvet dress, the model in her definitely came out.

Old trash car engagement photos California desert Kathryn Cooper Weddings

In California? Get Some Salvation Mountain Photos Yourself!

Enjoy these unique Salvation Mountain photos from their California engagement, and if you’re near Palm Springs, Brawley, or Indio, you’ll want to stop in and see this place before the afternoon, when temperatures skyrocket. No wonder the folks around here are unique, right? I think when we were there it was 102…phew.

The Salton Sea is quite nearby, and if you drive on the gravel roads, you’ll find all types of quirky, random settlements, unique individuals, sculptures, signs, and so much more. For the quirky traveler, it’s not to be missed!

Brittany, Giovanni, my assistant, and I had a blast taking these nontraditional engagement photos. Contact me and maybe I’ll share some of the other wacky California locations on my list!

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Salvation Mountain is such a fun spot! I love how these are so unique and bright.

Such a rad location and epic photos! I would love to visit here

Salvation Mountain is such a unique place in California – love how you captured their engagement photos. Congrats to Brittany & Giovanni!

Salvation Mountain is such a fun spot for engagement photos! I love how you embraced the direct sun & played with all the bright colors for this!

Such a fun spot for photos! I love all the color!

These are so cool! I’ve always wanted to visit Salvation Mountain. You perfectly captured them and this fun location!

Wow – I NEED to visit this place! It’s beautiful and you’ve given me so much info – thank you!

What a fun place for photos! The colors are SOO fun! Beautiful!

omg i am obsessed with these photos! This location is so interesting and you captured its diversity so well! these pictures are the perfect balance of classic and weird!

You gotta love that weirdness that SoCal brings to the table! These photos are adorable and I love the way their outfits really complement the location. Great work!


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