Pride 2020 + LGBT Wedding Photography Resources

June 30, 2020

NYC Pride was virtual this year, but we can all still celebrate Pride 2020 | LGBT Wedding Photographer

Today is June 30th, which means it’s the last day of Pride Month. As an LGBT wedding photographer and always-learning ally, I know that we can never stop focusing on equality or rights for all. This includes Black Lives Matter, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and so much more. And with this past week’s celebration of 5 years of marriage equality, along with the ruling that the workplace can’t discriminate against LGBTQ folks, it seems like progress is FINALLY being made.

Even though this is a wedding + elopement blog, I find it increasingly important to show in my portfolio, my words, and my conversations that I support and photograph ALL couples. Heck, I even photographed the wedding of a throuple once! Ask me for stories on that one (seriously). But in reality, I am both religious and a believer of love for all, and always want that to shine through. Whether you’re Sikh, Christian, a cat lover, a dog lover, trans, straight, shy, or funny, I’ll photograph your wedding. As long as you’re wicked cool, of course. Or at least are willing to get on a roller coaster so I can take your photo ;-).

Lesbian wedding photographer Kathryn Cooper Weddings - LGBTQ wedding vendor

Now on to the joy: Last year, I was hired by Brittny Drye, the awesome founder of Love Inc. Magazine, to photograph the historic four-million-spectators-strong Pride March in New York City. This blog didn’t even exist then, and there is no Pride 2020 due to our little friend COVID-19. A small, socially distanced celebration occurred called “Virtual Pride,” but it’s hardly the same. SO…what a great reason to look at the joyful images now! Pride 2019 was also the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and the first time for NYC (and the USA) to host WorldPride. LGBTQ spectators and allies alike watched thousands of celebrators, activists, and more march down 5th avenue. Heck, there were even some awesome cops in attendance! All in all, word on the street is that it was the largest LGBTQ event in history. Why not relive it?

By the way, Free Mom Hugs is a national organization of LGBTQ+ affirming parents and allies. This mom will even attend your wedding if your own parents don’t support you. And Free Mom Hugs is supported by dads, too.

If you need resources for your LGBTQ wedding, a few places to start are listed below. I am an LGBTQ wedding photography vendor with several of them, and ALL of them have triple-checked that their vendors are supporters of/are LGBTQ+.

Love Inc. – (I’m an Equality-Minded® vendor with them)

Equally Wed

Catalyst Wed Co.

Dancing With Her

Offbeat Bride – (I’m an OBB vendor with them)

National Gay Wedding Association

Queerly Beloved

Rainbow Wedding Network

Is there something or someone you’d like to see more representation of? Ideas for future LGBTQ wedding articles? If you know some other resources, please let me know in the comments so I can add to this list! I may only be an LGBT wedding photographer, but I will connect you with someone who knows the right answers ’round here. Cheers, and happy Pride!


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This is a great collection of resources…I honestly hadn’t heard of them all. And great photos showcased to share such a splendid time for all! Happy pride.

I needed reliable, carefully chosen resources like this, thanks!