Poconos Waterfall Engagement

November 11, 2020

These two walked right into the water, clothes on, for their Poconos waterfalls adventure engagement session.

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How many engaged couples are down to walk into a cold waterfall in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, just for engagement photos? More than you’d think, shockingly—but no one walks into frigid water as beautifully as Lauren and Jeff.

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For their waterfall engagement photos, we met near the Delaware Water Gap (near Stroudsburg, PA) at a not-so-well-known location. The waterfall wasn’t running very much unfortunately, but the spot was beautiful—and so was Lauren in her maroon velvet dress. Her gold leaf crown was a beautiful touch, and the colors looked fabulous in the quiet woods. Well, it was quiet until she started laughing (as you can see in the photos!)

We took a few shots on some trails in the woods, then ventured to the base of the falls. With no hesitation, Lauren pranced into the waterfall’s pond, the sunlight glancing off her reflection. It was a bit slippery, but Jeff and Lauren made their way in, walking to the rocks, splashing around, and pooooossibly splashing each other. It was seriously gorgeous. If you’re looking for adventure engagement photo ideas, go walk into a waterfall! (And for engagement photo outfits, it’s hard to go wrong with a long red or maroon dress.)

Poconos waterfall engagement photos in Pennsylvania Stroudsburg

The Poconos are a beautiful location for so many gorges, hikes, and waterfalls. Jim Thorpe is a popular area for outdoor activities, though there are plenty of semi-hidden spots much closer to NJ and NY. I used to camp in the area when younger, so the famous Ricketts Glen State Park was a favorite for beautiful waterfalls. So many people just think of Philadelphia when you mention Pennsylvania, but the state is largely farmland and forest. Lucky for me, that means there are plenty of waterfalls to explore.

Poconos wedding photographer couple walks in waterfall

Honestly, northeastern Pennsylvania’s waterfalls are perfect for engagement photos or wedding adventure sessions. There are so many falls that are labeled on Google, and plenty more that take more legwork to find. I love Ithaca, NY’s waterfalls, which are equally awesome for engagement photos, but if you’re making a day trip from NYC or NJ, I’m hard-pressed to find a better spot with such lovely (and diverse) falls. Tell me what kind of waterfall you want for your engagement photos, strap on your hiking boots, and I’ll take you to some amazing places with few or 0 people.

Poconos adventure engagement under waterfall couple in red dress

Need more engagement photo ideas or summer photoshoot ideas? Check out my creative wedding photographer post, “Top 10 Ideas for Creative Wedding Photos,” and you’ll see a bunch of wedding AND engagement photo ideas for those who want something a little…extra.

Pennsylvania twinkle lights wedding couple photographer

If you’re keen on getting your engagement photos done under a waterfall, you’ll love the Poconos. Summer is the warmest time to go, but the water is only flowing heavily at specific falls (so ask first!). I’m down to hike with you if you’re down for photos in the water!

I’m not a dark and moody photographer, but the dark woods and romance really led itself to a darker style of photography. Fall is beautiful here, and though the low water level may not have made for the most epic waterfall, these waterfall engagement photos were still darn cool.

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Love how much fun they had on this session thats what it is all about!

Love when couples are down to get dirty! It makes the photos so much more fun!

Oh my, this couple is ADORABLE!! Love that they just full sent and went for the fun adventure session at the waterfall!

They are, aren’t they? She just zoomed RIGHT into the water (and it was COLD!).

What a fun couple and wonderful location!! 🙂 Love the creative shots as well!!

What a perfect backdrop for their engagement session, you captured their intimacy and love so beautifully.

This is dreamy! I feel like I was transported somewhere tropical! I had no idea this was in Pennsylvania. My favorite shot is the one with the bokeh lights!

Ooh so good to know! I bust out the lights occasionally, and I’m glad it transported you 🙂

Very creative photography and such a cute couple!

So dreamy! Love the location and how you captured their intimacy <3

Wow! I love her red dress!

Yeah–it takes guts to wear red velvet into the water, but she did it flawlessly!

Beautiful photo! Love the creativity behind them and the location is just stunning. Well done!