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About by Kathryn Cooper Weddings || Unique, Beautiful, and Quirky Destination Wedding Photographer




I capture unique, beautiful, and quirky destination weddings and elopements in the most fun, amazing, and stress-free way possible. Whether you're getting married in New York City, the Hudson Valley, San Francisco, Orange County, the Caribbean, or anywhere else in the world, I'll be there to capture the most wonderful moments of your wedding, small or large.

My work is unique, fun, offbeat, and vibrant! In the past year, my weddings have been featured in Offbeat Bride, Premier Weddings of New York, The Wed Clique, and more.

I'm a photojournalist, which means that in addition to catching your ceremony and family photos, I focus on candid moments: surprises, laughs, crazy dance moves, and incredible reactions that tell the story of your day. Occasionally I'll do a cool pose, but most of the time I let you talk, laugh, and enjoy everything you've planned. My photos are natural and not overly edited, so they showcase you, the place, and the moment. 

Pricing for 2019 starts at $750 for small elopements, while standard weddings start around $2000. Once you've contacted me with your wedding date and details (number of guests, venue, etc.), I'll send you my PDF of packages.

Travel? Oh yes, but I love working abroad even more to really get to know a place. I've lived in India, the Caribbean, Thailand, New York, Malta, Hawaii, and California. Cliff jumping, hiking, and cooking are some of my favorite activities...but you can read more about me at the bottom of the page if you're curious. I go on tangents too easily!


What's different? I take photos that tell your unique story, and not cookie-cutter shots you see every day. Most photographers--perhaps 95% of them--take nice shots. They go through a list in their heads and take the same shots over and over. They're of you, but they're not about you. For many people, this works, but for my awesome clients--who typically come to me because they're nontraditional or want something a wee bit different--this just won't suffice. I get to know you--sometimes over a period of years, and sometimes just through emails and such--but I get to understand your personalities, your style, your body language. I get what works for you and what doesn't, and shoot every wedding in a unique way. It requires a lot more creativity on my part, and a lot more post production, but in the end, I take pride in delivering something that makes my work stand out from most everyone else. The shots you receive represent you and your day, and you'll never see me do those exact same shots at another wedding.

I usually work alone, but for larger weddings often have an assistant or second shooter, and, if requested, a video team. My aim is to make you feel comfortable, so I work within your budget to provide the best experience for you.

Though many of my couples are based in New York City, the Hudson Valley, California, and the Caribbean, as a destination photographer I've done just as many engagements, elopements, proposals, and weddings abroad! Indonesia, the Bahamas, name it, and I'll be there. From Indian weddings and intimate ceremonies to Cambodian receptions and 600-person bashes, we'll take care of capturing it all.

I'm LGBTQ friendly, have photographed couples in the air and under water, and am always up for a wedding adventure. Why settle for a regular ol' wedding when you can have one-of-a-kind photos to remember forever? The more adventuresome you want to get (Going on a safari in Kenya? Going on a roller coaster in Florida? Scuba diving in Thailand?), the more I'll admire you for it!



We are no longer offering video so that we can concentrate fully on photography. We still work with plenty of videographers we'd recommend, however, so feel free to ask if you have some ideas!


I'm a full-time photographer based in New York and California. The longer version? I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, spent my teenage, college, and work years in the Hudson Valley and New York City, and now have homes in both New York and California. I work in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Asia a lot as well! I've lived in all of those places, too. I love outdoor adventure and travel, and meeting people along the way is what makes both of those things better. Scuba diving, cooking, cliff jumping, and laughing too loudly are just a few of my favorite activities.

As a photojournalist, my work has led to unique wedding and engagement shoots around the world, along with nonprofit and travel gigs both locally and overseas. In California I was raised in suburbia, but I developed my love for all things nature while growing up with farm pets and hiking to waterfalls in upstate New York. In the past 10 years, I've spent time living in Hawaii, the Caribbean, India, Malta, and Thailand, and have worked on six different continents. 

Photographing anything but the usual, I often accompany brides and grooms on helicopter shoots to private islands, photograph under the water, travel to remote destinations, and more.

Most of all, I love documenting the candid moments of your day--especially the laughs, surprises, and unexpected bits that others often miss. I'll make your day fun, stress-free, and, well...pretty darn awesome! 

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions on pricing, availability, or nearly anything else (even if you want to chat about scuba diving!). You can use the contact page here or email me directly at for information.