A BK & NYC Engagement Shoot with Aida + Andrew

July 8, 2024
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From DUMBO to graffiti-lined streets, and Grand Central to Washington Square Park—we did it all for Aida and Andrew’s funky Brooklyn and NYC engagement shoot.

BK + NYC engagement photos by Kathryn Cooper Weddings

A NYC Engagement Shoot with the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central, and colorful murals galore

So many couples come to NYC for their engagement photos, and many have stories here: First date, first visit, born here, or got engaged here. For Aida & Andrew, it was that Andrew was raised in New York, and these two had meaningful moments in this city. Though they met at college and currently live in Boston, they traveled back for some quirky Brooklyn and NYC engagement photos with me. Okay, and to have some good food and see family.

They planned out most of the session, with places that were meaningful to them. As a black couple, it was important to them that their engagement photos showcased not only their personalities, but their true skin colors. As a true-to-color photographer, my top priorities are to have a great time, get amazing photos, and make sure people feel and look like themselves. This means making sure people—whether light-skinned, dark-skinned, mixed, freckled, and anything else—look accurate and natural.

With all that said, Aida and Andrew took the train from Boston to meet with me, and we had a long afternoon and evening hitting up multiple spots. Here are just a few of their photos!

Starting with Brooklyn Engagement Photos

Aida, Andrew, and I met on the famous Water Street for DUMBO engagement photos in this most popular Brooklyn area. When photographing in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass…and now you know why DUMBO is a better name), well, if you don’t arrive at sunrise, I’ll be frank: It’s hard to get a good shot. I knew that already due to many previous Brooklyn engagement shoots, so we took some photos at some spots I know that provide a slightly different view. A few blocks down was one of my favorite areas, and as you can see—I like including fellow locals in my images! The lighting in the afternoon is beautiful here, and you have the iconic Brooklyn Bridge right in back of your photos.

We headed down to Pebble Beach, which is just across from Jane’s Carousel. The two of them walked along the stones, and we got some beautiful afternoon light.

After meandering around DUMBO, we hopped on the train, got some graffiti photos, and made our way to Washington Square Park.

A Proper NYC Engagement Shoot in Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park (WSQ) features a great stone arch, a lovely fountain, chess games and locals, and vendors selling dosas, tacos, and kebabs. I spent many years (decades?!) around the area, and so did Aida and Andrew in their earlier dating years. We had fun taking photos in the park, and afterwards they enjoyed some snacks at a local bodega (another important moment for them).

A Few More E-Photos Sprinkled Throughout the City

From there, we went to a hotel in Soho called Nomo Soho. *Permission is needed to photograph here. Cool murals, lights, and an arched walkway entrance make for some fun photos at this hotel, so we added to their NYC engagement shoot with some quirky moments around the hotel. Did I mention more graffiti?

Afterwards, we ended the day right at Grand Central—with a few subway shots thrown in.

How to Plan A NYC Engagement Shoot:

If you’re interested in your own Brooklyn or NYC engagement shoot, here are a few things to keep in mind:

– If you’ll be in touristy areas, go for weekdays and early morning to lessen crowds

– Get an engagement/wedding photographer who knows the areas and can advise on a route, time of day, and more

– Wear solid colors. The city is so busy, and with so many colors and murals and signs, that any big pattern will be too busy for the shot

– Be okay with people in the background, as having photos with no one in them is often impossible

– Know that permission and/or permits is required in many areas, and by many businesses. Your photographer can often help in knowing where you can take photos without any issues

– You may want to book an extended photo session, as galivanting around the city for your engagement shoot always takes longer than expected. There’s waiting for subways or cars, waiting for people to clear out of a scene, waiting for the light, setting up the gear, and more. Patience is key!

With all the crowds, commutes, and options, having a chill BK + NYC engagement shoot is no easy feet. But, these two made for a great day of engagements, and knowing they didn’t want the traditional engagement photos—but more my own take on their interactions and favorite places in Brooklyn and NYC—made my job easy.

Cheers to these two!

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This is so fun! I love the motion and the shot of her skirt moving in front of the graffiti is amazing!

I love all these fun locations and unique perspectives on NYC! The motion blur ones are my fav. Looks like this whole shoot was a blast!


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