Lesbian Couples’ Pictures at Sayen Gardens

December 16, 2020

A random encounter on Instagram led to us meeting—and eventually, a New Jersey couples’ photoshoot!

lesbian couples pictures in Sayen Gardens New Jersey

Lesbian Couples Photos | New Jersey Wedding Photographer | Lesbian Couples Pics

Chris and Alex are a New Jersey couple who run a popular Instagram account called @BurritoandTortilla. They’ve been together over 5 years, live in New Jersey, and are super-funny, cool gals (and activists!).

photos of lesbian couples in New Jersey garden

That’s actually where I first met them! Well, “met” them. (If you haven’t yet, say hi to me on Instagram!). After keeping in touch online, I met up with them for a couples’ photoshoot in New Jersey.

Since Covid has thrown a wrench in typical wedding plans, I haven’t been in NJ very much this year. As a New York wedding photographer, I actually photograph quite a bit throughout New England, Pennsylvania, and the Northeast—though I’d say about a third of my wedding photography is in New Jersey. For this session, I got to see outside of the typical Northern Jersey wedding venues, and outside of Princeton (another popular wedding destination).

Where in South New Jersey can you take couples’ pictures?

For their same-sex couples’ session, we met at the lovely Sayen House & Gardens. Though wedding photography at Sayen Gardens requires a permit and fee, all other photo shoots are allowed (woohoo!). So with me fully masked and socially distanced, we started chatting. While doing this COVID photoshoot, I discovered that Chris and I both worked for the Food Network at points (for different shows many years apart), that Alex and I both had awkward bad luck, and that we all loved ice cream. I’d already planned to incorporate ice cream into the photoshoot, never fear.

Alex and Chris are simply delightful, and if you’re familiar with Jersey…well, it’s not your average state. This New Jersey LGBT photographer got an easy day of non-congested traffic (!), and while photographing Alex and Chris, the conversation just flowed. In addition to these two being very active in the LGBT community, they’re also very active about politics, equality, therapy and healing, and more. These fun, delightful queer girls are die-hard into travel, and will never stop being champions for lesbians, queers, transgender, and anyone in the LGBTQ space.

About LGBT wedding photographers:

As an LGBTQ ally and same-sex wedding photographer, I don’t treat lesbian couples’ pictures any differently than I would any other couple. If you’re looking for lesbian couples photos ideas, here’s an article on the right way to approach photographing LGBTQ couples (Hint: Being a LGBT wedding photographer is just like being a photographer for any couple. It’s all about making them feel comfortable, then understanding how to elicit fun, emotive, and beautiful moments). So of course we had a fun time photographing around the beautiful trees, ferns, fountains, and flowers.

botanical gardens New Jersey photoshoot Sayen Gardens

If you’re curious to see more work or poses from LGBT wedding photographers around the world, check out this gallery on Fearless Photographers—featuring several of my lesbian and gay wedding photos!

The Sayen House & Gardens is a calm, beautiful oasis in the middle of New Jersey—and I highly recommend an afternoon spent there. If you’re looking for a simple but greenery-filled elopement venue in New Jersey, Sayen Gardens is the perfect fit.

Plus, check out their adorable rainbow pride masks!

rainbow flag masks for lgbt couples

After an outfit change, we got some ice cream cones to eat on our cars (socially distanced, of course). It was so lovely photographing these ladies that it really didn’t feel like work. I can’t wait to see these gals again!

You can follow these two at Instagram.com/burritoandtortilla.

To follow me, visit Instagram.com/KathrynCooperWeddings.

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