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August 21, 2022
Travel Photographer | Small Group Tour to Jordan | Where to Travel in November | Jordan Photography Tour

Where to travel in November?

Come with me, Kathryn Cooper Photography, as my colleague and I lead a special small-group travel tour through the most photogenic spots in Jordan

Exciting news! This is a bit of a different post for me as it’s definitely not wedding-related, but it’s exciting nonetheless. After years of delays due to Covid, coups in other countries, and scheduling, I’m thrilled to announce that this November 8 – 20, 2022, you can join me on a small-group photo tour through the country of Jordan.

Introducing the “Un-Tour to Jordan”

This is the “Un-Tour to Jordan,” and we’ll be leading no more than 10 people around this jewel of the Middle East: The Kingdom of Jordan, the small Middle Eastern country near the Dead Sea, is where we’ll photograph and explore markets, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, meals, camel races, the Milky Way in the desert, hidden ruins, and more.

Why is it called the Un-Tour to Jordan? While most trips are led by huge corporations like Intrepid, our tour is meant for just a few people: Generally around 6-10. It’s a very collaborative trip, where instead of being shuttled from location to location, we do things differently, eat what you want to eat, and see what you want to see and when with flexible plans. This is a Jordan travel photography workshop + tour like no other!

While this will be a travel photography tour, there will be plenty of opportunities to do your own thing, or learn photography techniques from both me and Dustin Main—your award-winning travel photo tour guides.

About Your Jordan Photography Trip Guides

If you’ve been wondering, my other business is Kathryn Cooper Photography. Long before I was a creative wedding photographer and adventure elopement photographer, I shot events, headshots, travel, nonprofits, food, and commercials all over the world. Just last week I was on a two-day commercial shoot for a food company, and the week before that I was photographing national parks for my travel prints sales business.

Plus, on top of being a full-time photographer, I’m also a professor at Pepperdine University in California. I’m no stranger to teaching, and will use my decades of experience to teach mini photography workshops at specific destinations on our Jordan tour, or share our favorite secret spots to photograph if you want to just capture frames yourself.

I’m not your only guide on this small-group tour to Jordan. The other part of the “us” co-leading this tour is travel photographer Dustin Main.

Award-winning Canadian travel photographer Dustin Main has been a friend and colleague for years, and we’ve traveled and photographed on 3 continents together (and a combined total of about 70 countries separately). Dustin, an experienced small-groups tour leader, has led travel tours everywhere from the Ukraine to Myanmar (where we actually first met). Last year, we traveled around Jordan (it was Dustin’s 7th time in the country!) to prep for this year’s group trip, and I’m excited to be guiding this adventure with him in just a few months.

This fall in Jordan, there are 2 tours happening:

  • First, a small-group tour for enthusiasts up to amateur photographers (October 2022) with just Dustin and local guides
  • Two, the photography travel tour I’m co-leading this November 8-20, which is a more photography workshop-specific tour for everyone from hobbyists to professionals. In fact, we already have several professional photographers and videographers signed up to come with us

November is not the prettiest time in the USA, so if you’re looking to travel this fall, it’s the perfect time to travel to Jordan! Temperatures range from 60-85 most days

When I was there, Dustin and I (that’s us below at The Monastery in Petra) not only met contacts and scouted our tour route, but we also met new and old friends, soaked in hot springs in the middle of the night, met incredible locals, saw some bizarre sights, sampled unique goods at local markets, hiked at sunrise, saw world-famous ruins with no one around, slept with famous views of Petra, swam in the Dead Sea, and tons more.

Jordan is SO Much More Than Just Petra

While most people only know about Wadi Rum (thanks, Dune) and Petra (thanks, Indian Jones, The Mummy, and Aladdin), there are loads of other places—often with very few people—around the country.

All you have to do is arrange your flights to and from the capital, Amman, and we’ll take care of the rest.

But perhaps the best part of traveling to Jordan in the Middle East is the people. You will be generously offered treats, advice, and help at every turn. We were even driving on a highway last year when a man drove parallel to us at 60 kilometers per hour and offered to bring us a cup of tea so he could meet us. The people here are that friendly and welcoming.

Oh, and you might also see this:

We’re going to bring you on an incredible journey with us, where we’ll…

  • sleep in yurts in Wadi Rum
  • hike in the desert to world-famous historical sites
  • scamper up hills for incredible sunsets
  • cook traditional foods with our hosts
  • harvest olives and see how the locals live and breathe olive oil
  • soak in hot springs while looking up at the stars
  • document the constant activity in the old city of Amman
  • stay on local farms
  • look out over Syria and Israel
  • eat farm-fresh cheese, spreads, breads, and produce
  • so much more

Where to Travel in November? Come Journey with Us in Jordan!

Interested to learn more? We only have a few more spots available, so fill out the information form on Dustin’s site, or email either of us with questions: info@KathrynCooperPhotography.com and dustin@lightmovescreative.org.

You can also see some of our Jordan posts on social media, at @DustinMain and @KathrynCooperPhotography. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, as can single travelers. Please be relatively fit, as we will be hiking up to 7 miles in rocky desert on certain days, and sandboarding/trucking on others.

I can’t wait to see some of you and share this wonderful Middle Eastern country with you all!


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