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July 14, 2021
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Innisfree Garden: Gorgeous, Quiet, and

Full of Hidden Beauty to Explore

Of all the Hudson Valley engagement photo locations that exist in this part of New York, Innisfree Gardens just may be one of my favorites. Private, removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and perfect for a picnic, this Pleasant Valley+Millbrook venue was the perfect place to catch this couple galivanting about.

Before I get to Lindsey & Daryl’s engagement photos, here’s information on the beautiful Innisfree Gardens:

Innisfree Gardens is one of the most beautiful, laid-back, full-of-curiosities garden I’ve ever been to, and it’s practically in my backyard. Even before I was a Hudson Valley wedding photographer, I loved coming here and exploring all the nooks and crannies. It’s not just the flowers and lake, but the little frogs, the huge turtles, the masonry, the quiet, and more. It’s also the fact that Innisfree Gardens is out in the middle of nowhere, on a country road. And it’s also the type of country road that will have you second guessing if you’re lost or not, and many people assume the former (with good reason).

But…once you find Innisfree Gardens, give yourself 2-3 hours to explore every nook and cranny (and maybe have a picnic). You’ll definitely want to come back in all the seasons.

I’ve been going to this NY botanical garden for years, and I always find a new angle, a new little creature, different colors, and more. No matter how many people there are, in COVID times or not, there’s always plenty of space, and little trails to explore, with very few or zero folks on them. Weekdays? I’m often one of just a handful of people in the entire garden. If you love nature photography, you’ll love the macro opportunities for shooting little critters and unique blooms here.

And now, about that engagement shoot…

Lindsey and Daryl drove from Albany just to do a shoot with me at this beautiful garden, and I’m sure they were pleased they did! It’s impossible to not appreciate the beauty of this secluded Dutchess County spot. One thing none of us appreciated? The heat. We did this shoot during one of the crazy recent heat waves, and I’m believe it was 92 degrees out during our shoot. Thanks a lot, New York!

For fall, spring, and summer engagement photos in the Hudson Valley, Innisfree Gardens can’t be beat. No winter shoots here, however, as they’re closed for the season. You can also have an intimate Innisfree Garden wedding on the grounds, with special arrangements prior to your day. If you elope or have a wedding here, I’d be delighted to tell you exactly where I’d choose to have the ceremony. In fact, I included these Pleasant Valley/Millbrook gardens in my article on the most unique Hudson Valley weddings venues.

Lindsey is cute as a button and knew how to keep Daryl laughing (though I’m pretty sure he kept HER laughing just as often), but they still wanted tips on engagement photo poses.

If you’re looking for engagement photo poses, check out my guide on engagement photo posing HERE

We did a few poses, but mostly I had them walking, talking, and laughing around the prettiest parts of Tyrell Lake, the large body of water that Innisfree Gardens is centered around. One of my favorite photos is this one of them clowning around, and though I said I wasn’t actually getting photos of them doing the can-can…well, this was too cute to NOT post.

Couple at wedding Innisfree Gardens

We took photos until the bell clanged—the signal for the gardens closing.

Innisfree Garden Admission + Photo Permits

If you live anywhere in the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, or NYC, and you’re looking for engagement photo locations near you, Innisfree Gardens is the perfect location if you’re willing to pay a bit more to get privacy and beauty. Tickets are normally $15/person plus a booking fee for online reservations. For photos, the cost is $25/person (plus your photographer). It’s not bad, honestly, considering how lovely it is. And if you’re eloping in upstate New York, Innisfree Gardens would be the perfect location for a peaceful ceremony surrounded by nature.

Daryl and Lindsey were a delight to work with, and put up with the heat a lot better than I did! The misters and fountains placed around the garden/park add a nice cooling element, and they did love seeing the turtles, geese, and even a snake at the end of the shoot (not poisonous, don’t worry)!

Okay, I probably shouldn’t have ended with that snake part, but hey–some of us like snakes! Plus, this article is on Innisfree Garden engagement photos, not snakes. Gah! I did it again!

Enjoy your garden visit, and I hope to see you there soon.

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