25+ Fun Couple Photoshoot Ideas

November 22, 2021
Fun Couple’s Photoshoot Ideas | Fun Photos | Destination Wedding Photographer

Why take traditional couple’s photos when you can do something fun and different with these fun couple photoshoot ideas?

This list of photo opportunities is perfect for weddings, anniversary sessions, engagement session, elopements, vacations, honeymoon photos, or just plain couple’s photos because…well, you want them. Ready?

Adventure session Kathryn Cooper Weddings - mountain wedding SUP couple

Getting on a snowmobile together. Going to the zoo. Bringing your cats along for your photoshoot. As a quirky, non-your-typical wedding photographer, my couples come to me for unique ideas, unusual locations, and fun ideas for offbeat photography, whether they’re doing engagement photos, wedding photos, an adventure session, an anniversary session, a couple’s photoshoot, or nearly anything else.

What do you love to do together? Showcase it!

My couples want to express their personalities and showcase what they love, whether that’s martial arts, hiking and camping, cliff jumping, working with animals, Jeeping, or something else entirely. Fun couple photoshoot ideas can be anything from free: being silly in a photobooth–to doing something epic and over-the-top (like a photoshoot where you have a photographer catching you SCUBA diving or spelunking).

Stated simply, there’s no need to do the same ol’ photoshoot when you and your partner can do a wacky, fun photo session at home, for your elopement, or during a special trip.

Without further ado, here are 25+ ideas for a darn fun couples’ photoshoot, ranging from free to splurging, and easy to “takes some planning.” Just make sure your photographer is there to catch it all—obviously!

Fun Couple Photoshoot Ideas:

  • Take a helicopter ride over your city or while on a trip
  • Fill up some water balloons and have fun on a hot day while feeling child-like (vs childish) again
  • Go hot-air ballooning
  • Take ski lift photos up a mountain, then go ski, snowboard, or mountain bike down
  • Mimic awkward couple’s photos of the 70s and 80s by recreating poor outfit choices and awkward poses
  • Take some local SPCA/Humane Society animals out on walks and have a blast (and help them get adopted!)
  • Go ATVing in sand dunes or over the desert rocks for some amazing captures on the move
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Get an air mattress, blow it up on a lake or inlet, and get cozy in the middle of the water.
  • Throw paint, Holi powder, or colored water on each other while wearing white clothing. You’ll have photos AND a new wardrobe as mementos!
  • Go to an old-school arcade and play all your favorite games
  • Get in a snowball fight, and then go sledding to make up for it. These photos will be amazing
  • Enjoy a charcuterie board or picnic in the park, complete with lovely spreads by companies such as Perfect Picnic
  • Rent a unique AirBnB such as a yurt, teepee, or treehouse, and do a photoshoot in your new place (well, at least for a few days)
  • Go to a trampoline park or adventure area!
  • Have your photos taken on a high ropes course or while ziplining, like these two (photos below) did for their day-after wedding adventure session
  • Go horseback riding
  • Spend the morning on your favorite beach, enjoying the waves, burying each other in sand, or having wine and cheese on the sand
  • Use smoke bombs for a colorful, unique accent
  • Love bowling, burgers & fries, and bars? Do a retro shoot at your favorite digs
  • Enjoy off roading or own a Jeep? Go open-door climbing up and down the rocks and sand in Moab, on the beach in California, while in Sedona, or anywhere else
  • Bumper cars and go-karts…YES
  • If you love board games or books, go to your favorite independent book store, comic book shop, or board game spot and just enjoy!
  • Get on your SUP in a lake or go surfing
  • Hire a live painter or caricature artist, and get the drawing documented in photos along the way. Believe me—it’s really fun to watch
  • Do an underwater shoot in a pool…or in the ocean!
  • Into rock climbing? It’s a great activity for getting fun photos from all angles. Joshua Tree, Eureka CA, Garden of the Gods CO, and so many other locations are perfect for it
  • Do a hiking + waterfall shoot on a trail where you can actually get IN the waterfall

LGBT wedding photos Kathryn Cooper - Cool photo ideas zipline Loterie Farms wedding

Other tips for a darn fun couple’s photoshoot

To get the most fun couple photos of you two, use your connections (but be willing to pay, too!). Know someone who has a private plane? Even if you don’t go up in the air (but I’ll photograph it if you do!), ask the friend if you can use their plane for some cool shots on the ground.

Painter in the family? If the person is up for it, have them paint you into a scene—or do a creative project with you. Love to golf together? You can do that, too! Whether it’s a pre-wedding shoot, an anniversary session, your day-after wedding adventure session, or your actual elopement (or just a fun shoot/engagement shoot!), I hope this list gives you some fun, exciting, and amazing ideas for whatever photoshoot you have planned. I have so many ideas up my sleeve as a creative wedding photographer, so if you’re looking for ideas, contact me and I’ll share some of the fun photo sessions I’ve been dying to try!

Los Angeles couple in Palm Desert wedding photos with plane photoshoot elopement engagement photos

Eloping? Going on vacation? Just because?

If you decide to elope, have an adventure elopement and pick a delightful activity that will make your intimate wedding even more memorable. If engagement photos are what you’re looking for—or even a bach party—several of these ideas could be perfect for not just uber-fun couple photos, but group photos as well.

Looking for photoshoot ideas that match the most popular photo season? Check out my guide on fall engagement photos here.

Whatever your favorite activities, finding a way to incorporate a fun pastime will make your photoshoot the opposite of awkward. Think delightful. You don’t need stiff, staring-into-the-camera photos when you can have a fun day AND fun couple photos to boot, right?! As a nontraditional wedding photographer, I specialize in more quirky photoshoots, so I’ll help you brainstorm an activity that’s fun and photogenic.

What’s your dream fun photoshoot? I want to hear in the comments below!

And if you have some amazing fun couples photoshoot ideas you think I need to list here, list them below or email me at info@KathrynCooperWeddings.com, and I just may add them in~

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