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December 30, 2020

The year’s most beautiful, funky, fun, funny, and creative wedding photos from my adventurous couples – Kathryn Cooper Weddings

Kathryn Cooper Weddings | Best of 2020 wedding photography

Happy almost 2021! Every year I gather some of my favorite photos I took the entire year: 1 album with my favorite beautiful/fun/creative wedding photos, and 1 album with my favorite work/nonprofit/travel images. Since the latter was almost nonexistent, and since most of my jobs were canceled this year, it seems like a great time to look back at my 2020 wedding photography highlights (and yes, there were a bunch!).

Gay wedding photos flowers in beard

You’re probably sick of hearing how we all want to forget about 2020, so let’s skip over that part (since almost all of us feel that way), and instead look at some images that struck a chord with me.

Typically I pick 1 photo from each session only, but this year I’m picking 2 of my favorite shots from each couple I photographed in 2020. From a Yosemite adventure session to backyard weddings to a pre-COVID 4-day wedding in St. Martin, I hope you enjoy these creative images as much as my couples and I did.

Elopement with corona bear coronavirus USVI St. John

Behind-the-scenes creative wedding photography with my awesome couples:

I planned out some of these creative wedding photo ideas beforehand, and in general I do lots of scouting before each wedding/session. Even if I’ve never been to a location, I arrive early and scout out unusual spots, empty beaches, bits of rainforest, cool hiking trails, or places in a backyard where I can transform my couples’ images. Bri and Kyle, below, moved their wedding from an LA country club to an intimate affair in their backyard, but we still had an amazing time! Yes, this is their backyard.

Creative wedding photo reflection phone background night shot

Other images are quite spontaneous, and turn into experimental shots, romantic wedding photos, or beautiful landscape shots where the couple shines. It all depends on how much time my couples have, and if they’re ready to hike/stand in the cold/get their outfits wet (adventure sessions are TRULY fun).

unique engagement photo upside-down in Mammoth California

Whatever kind of elopement or wedding, I worked this year to make sure everyone’s creative wedding photos were a blast to take, fit their personalities, and were really unique to them. Some brought cats, some brought dogs, almost all had face masks, and ALL had fun.

Planning a wedding in 2020 was cray-cray, and planning an elopement become an increasingly popular choice. I met so many couples via Zoom, and I spent lots of time getting COVID-19 tests for the safety of me AND my clients. Hopefully 2021 is a whole lot…less complex? (But still full of tons of fun and creative wedding photos!)

Congratulations to all my amazing couples who planned, changed, changed again, re-planned, and FINALLY got married (and let me document it!).

Here’s to a better 2021—and to happiness, normalcy, and health.


Cat wedding photo Queens NY Kathryn Cooper Weddings
Creative wedding photos night photo with lights
Sunset wedding yosemite
black wedding dress Oakland wedding photographer
Big Sur proposal california wedding photographer
Yosemite wedding photographer engagement photos red dress running
Elopement with corona bear coronavirus USVI St. John

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Wow! I have so many favorites- I love your use of color and light!

Thank you Molly!!

THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow!! I admire your creativity!

You are so sweet, Samantha. Thank you!

Your photos are stunning! I love the colors and how you captured the magic of 2020! I really love your creativity and style! All of them are my favorite!

Awww you’re making me blush!

It’s refreshing to see such a unique take on wedding photos. I think it’s easy to fall into a rut of doing the same things and poses over and over again but you’ve done a great job at keeping those creative juices flowing!

Yes, it’s all too easy for that to happen, so I always try to challenge myself with doing something new.

Love this 2020 round up! It’s so nice to see so many beautiful weddings that went ahead. You are so creative! I love that all your couples got such different photos!

There’s are so creative! Love it and happy new year!

Happy new year Traci 🙂

Wow, girl!!! These are all INCREDIBLE! You’re fearless and so creative! I can’t even choose a favorite!

Thanks Andrea!!

Yes, for sure I have a similar bold, colorful style for all my couples, but when it’s time to get creative…the sky is the limit.