2024 Wedding Trends in the USA

February 15, 2024

2024 Wedding Trends | Destination + New York Wedding Photographer | LGBTQ Wedding Photographer

2024 Wedding Trends:
Here’s What’s In for Weddings in 2024 – 2025–and What’s No Longer Trendy

Wedding Trends 2024-2025

Article and photos by Kathryn Cooper Weddings

What are the wedding trends for 2024 that can help you plan? This year, we’re seeing modern interpretations of traditions, unique monotone floral pieces, customized “escapes” that transport your guests, and much more. Intentional, intimate, and personalized are words I saw a lot when vendors submitted their answers to me on 2024 wedding trends they were seeing.

I’m Kathryn Cooper Weddings: a New York + California destination wedding photographer who photographs unique celebrations, big and small. In 2023, I photographed in the Philippines, the Caribbean, Yosemite, fire lantern festivals, beach weddings, the Redwoods, Brooklyn, and much more.

Compiling this year’s list of 2024 wedding trends presented here, I’m helped by colleagues who are wedding planners, jewelers, makeup artists, painters, and more. They’ve all given input to help

Pantone color of the year paint swatch by www.KathrynCooperWeddings.com

Pantone named “Peach Fuzz” the color of the year 2024, and even in 2023, we saw plenty of warm corals, sunsets, and peaches.

But aside from Pantone’s Color of the Year and a few publications, what are vendors on the ground across the country seeing for 2024?

I asked, and my vendor colleagues delivered. Here’s what they see happening in 2024 weddings, whether you’re a publication, vendor, or especially someone getting married soon!

Without further ado, here’s my Wedding Trends 2024 list:

The 2024 Wedding Trends List

Unique red wedding dress NY

Bold, Non-White Dresses While colorful wedding dresses were historically the norm, white wedding dresses obviously took over several decades ago. While the majority of couples are still wearing white, we’re seeing so many dyed or colorful wedding dresses, including embre, black, red, purple, and more. People are definitely being who they want to be, and I’m all for it!

Customized Wedding Experiences From custom-designed floors and on-site tattoos to create-your-own bouquet stations, weddings in 2024 will be all about providing something besides just dinner and dancing. Personalized wedding experienced show that couples are putting effort into unique vendors they know their guests will love.

Unique Suits…Groom’s Suits, Bride’s Suits, and Nonbinary Suits for Weddings – There used to be just black, white, and blue suits. But now everyone’s wearing suits, and they’re in all different colors and fabrics! The designs, purples, maroons, patterns from one’s heritage, and more. Don’t go to Men’s Warehouse–check out a local tailor like The Tailory NYC, or search “custom suit” for information.

chinese wedding reception

Heritage and cultural traditions being incorporatedPeople even 10 years ago wanted to have a very traditional western wedding, but in 2024, folks nowadays are all about differentiating–and with America’s melting pot culture, we’re seeing multicultural weddings, fusion weddings, unique rituals, sage ceremonies, and more.

Craft Guestbooks – While guests still love photobooths, they also love running around and taking silly photos of each other. “The Polaroid/craft guestbooks seem to be making a comeback,” says Martine Dardignac, owner and wedding planner of Wedding M.D. in Westchester, New York. “I’m seeing people be much more thoughtful about which traditions they are incorporating into their wedding and recognizing that they don’t have to do everything just because that’s how it’s always been done (which I sincerely encourage).”

You can include lots of colored pens, markers, tape, scissors, and more so guests can have a little scrapbooking project when they’re not dancing.

Fake Flowers – While folks used to use their preferred words, be it “silk flowers,” “wooden flowers,” “Sola flowers,” or what-have-you, people are back to the old terminology of calling flowers fake. They’re trying to save money AND have a more DIY project to do. And while fresh flowers aren’t great for the environment, everyone buying fake flowers is even worse. Be careful of this one unless you will actually reuse!

Honoring Mothers – If you think about it, mothers–especially the mother of the bride–plans and organizes a massive part of most weddings. And yet, come the actual ceremony and reception time, it’s the fathers who get the attention in walking brides down aisles or doing first dances. But why? Why NOT moms? Says owner and lead planner of Grace Kelly Events in CT/NY, Amanda Kelly, “My favorite trend I see coming in 2024 is special moments to honor the moms! A lot of our brides are making a point to add a sweet some thing to ceremony, a special speech, or a dance during the reception to honor their moms. “

Monochromatic flower palettes  – When it comes to 2024 flowers, vendors are thinking quality over quantity: higher-end looks while simultaneously a bit more minimal. How?

“2024 is going to be the year of exotic flowers to turn up the dial,” says luxury wedding planner Jose Rolon of Jose Rolon Events. He and others are seeing unique blooms, more open designs, and one thing in particular: monochromatic flower palettes. I heard this repeatedly from florists and planners all across the country.

Expect to see all pinks, all whites, shades of blue, or all pastels. Thanks to Atmosphere Flowers of Colorado, Autumn Marcelle Design of California, and Jill Heaton Event Decor of Florida for their input and details on 2024 monochromatic flowers.

2 brides walk down the aisle together, then one at a time in LGBTQ wedding Hawaii

Walking Into the Ceremony Together – This has become such a big trend, I wrote an entire article last year on couples walking down the aisle together into the ceremony. In 2024, some are walking alone, or with their pets; with siblings, both parents, half and half; or simply walking in together.

Eco-Friendly and Eco-Conscious Options, Especially with Florals – We all know that weddings produce huge amounts of waste, from guests flying to weddings to methane-causing food being dumped out by the tons. Queue things such as forums that helps couples find wedding weekend couples to split food/drink and floral costs with, and re-emerging pieces such as floral frogs.

What are floral frogs? Simply put, their generally a tiny apparatus/technique of pins inside a shallower dish, designed to hold florals in place. They’re reusable–a word rarely heard concerning florals–and they’re small and eco-friendly, leading themselves to a variety of uses. Contrast that with floral foams, which are extremely bad for the environment (and single-use). As Heather Muto, planner and floral designer of the North Carolina-based Heatherly Event Design, says, “We’re moving away from geometric shapes such as terrariums, and more to arty concepts in containers that use floral frogs to create light, airy, wispy designs.”

Hillary Allbritton of Los Angeles’ Elizabeth Grace Floral also sees a trend in floral meadows versus traditional arches. The benefit? They can be easily repurposed in the reception, saving money and flower waste.

intimate wedding on st. thomas, usvi

Guest Dress Codes – “We’re seeing couples ask their guests to wear a specific color or within a color palette,” say Tri-State New York-based wedding planners C+E Event Productions. Couples I’ve spoken to say it’s helpful for group wedding photos and a sense of place.

Blacks, blues, and maroons are common asks. Sacramento wedding planner Sara Blair-Medeiros of Rainbow Weddings and Events says, “I’m seeing couples really leaning towards the teals, blues, greens and purples for color palettes,” be it for guest attire, table settings, or even dresses. And it’s true–blue and purple dresses were definitely in 2023-2024!

Full-Weekend Intimate Weddings + Destination Weddings for Under 50 Guests – Couples are prioritizing people they actually care about once again in 2024, saying no to plus ones and great-aunts no one has seen in 20 years. Instead, they’re planning bespoke experiences where they have quality time, good food, and fun activities over a number of days. Says Kerri Corrigan, owner of Owls Hoot Barn in Upstate New York–a full-weekend wedding venue that she and her husband painstakingly restored, “Couples are prioritizing long events all hosted on-site, with super casual welcome parties post-flight, beer and pizza, then wedding days filled with lawn games and ending with bonfires.” Casual breakfasts that allow folks to mingle and be leisurely allow people to see each other a last time while powering up for the road.

Giant Group Projects that Show the Couple Love – A huge trend is having guests work on a giant project to be revealed day-of. For some that’s creating a giant chuppah together, or setting up a piece of art everyone contributed to. For this wedding, it was wedding guests creating individual squares, which eventually all wound up sewed together into a one-of-a-kind quilt. How unique!

Repurposed updated mom's wedding dress for wedding alterations

Wearing Your Mother’s Wedding Dress – While styles are oh-so-different today versus when your mother was married, young women are deciding to tie the knot in their mothers’ dresses. With some alterations–and maybe those shoulder pads removed–seamstresses are doing incredible work in repurposing these older dresses. It’s all the rage headed into 2024.

More Trends for 2024 Weddings:

Fusion Food Trucks – Taco and pizza trucks for weddings have always been popular, but now things are getting more creative. Combining Indian and Japanese, or Latin and pizza, and you’re getting a whole new type of food truck experience.

More Carats, Fewer Stones – Ornate rings were popular for a while, but now couples are going for larger rocks. Says NYC jeweler Catherine Angiel, “Engagement trends have been larger carat size lab grown diamonds set in simple minimalist ring settings.”

Champagne Towers – Yes, they’re making a comeback. Beware the broken glass, because one thing that hasn’t improved is our balancing skills.

Custom Scents, Anyone? – “Scent is often the strongest way to evoke memories,” says Sam Cehanowicz of the New Jersey-based Smells Like Candles. She sees custom wedding scents growing in popularity. Whether it’s candles that smell like oven-baked desserts or a custom perfume for your wedding day, it’s all about something unique for those olfactory sensors.

As Sam commented, “We are seeing an increased interest in “signature scents” for 2024 weddings. By working with a fragrance company to design a signature scent for their wedding events, couples can create a scent that is uniquely theirs and that can be associated with their special day for years to come. This is another way for couples to add a unique touch to their day (kind of like a signature cocktail) that they and their guests will always remember. For example, couples who love the beach may use scents reminiscent of the ocean to highlight that part of their relationship. Couples also gift these candles as favors to their guests, whether as part of the wedding or at pre-wedding events (engagement dinners, bridal showers) to share the scent of the day with those closest to them.”

Hand-Painted Guest Portraits – While many have heard of live painters–a trend which is still growing strongly–the trend of having portraits hand-watercolored by a live painter is becoming highly desired. “There’s an even newer trend of guest portraits as wedding favors for attendees. A live painter is a unique and special addition to your wedding, leaving you with a beautiful creation to remember your special day,” says Linda, owner/paint of Connecticut-based The Wedding Artist

Glowy Skin – Says Cait Mitchell, Upstate New York beauty and makeup artist at Blackthorn Bridal, “For makeup, that very soft, Post Covid clean girl beauty is still in, but late ’23 and 2024 is seeing it more defined. Lots of glow to the skin and a lot of pink tones. Alternatively, nudes and “latte girl” makeup is a popular choice for those who don’t love love an ultra feminine, pinky look!”

Glamour Photo Booths – The black-and-white Kardashian-style photo booth is in, says Letier Santana of Bloom and Pose NY, a NJ/NYC glamour photo booth. Fewer goofy feather boas and more refined accessories are the rage.

Cool wedding effect with lights

But…These Wedding Trends are Likely Out:

360 Photobooths – They’re just not as popular as everyone thought they’d be. Perhaps people wanted photos or straight videos, but not little GIFs? Whatever it was, they never fully caught on for very long.

Giant Bouquets Weighing 15 Pounds – Folks are going for smaller, lighter, more airy bouquets these days. Who wants to lug around a massive bouquet the entire day? So many opt not to schlep them around, and thus they don’t appear in many wedding photos. Bigger ain’t better!

White High Heels – They’re traditional, but people are switching it up. Colorful, flat, strappy, or rhinestone-covered, brides are generally staying away from standard and predictable. White high heels are so 2023.

Ballgowns – Huge, poofy dresses are out of style in 2024, but minis are in!

Getting Married?
Whether You Stay On Trend or Ignore It All, Do What Makes YOU Happy

Look, at the end of the day, trends are trends. What’s most important when it comes to your wedding is you being happy! This list documents trends set for 2024-2025, but if you disagree, it’s all about your wishes anyhow!

So tell me: What 2024 wedding trends do YOU predict? What do you want to see more of…or less of?

Thank you to all the vendors who participated and gave their valuable input, and here’s to a wonderful 2024 for everyone~

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I am all for bold and non-traditional wedding dress colors! I also love that more couples are doing a whole weekend celebration with their guests. Great info here!

I love using your mom’s old wedding dress and incorporating all or parts of the dress into your own. I love how creative and unique these new traditions are. Thanks so much for sharing!

So many trends I can get behind. I really love the idea of walking into your ceremony together. What a great list!

I am so here for all of these fun wedding trends! Non-white wedding dresses are so stunning!

I love the tradition bringing in moms and reusing florals for different parts of the day, what a great list of trends!!


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